“Big Pharm” may have bested the pandemic (domestically), but as continuing benefit under the American Rescue Plan, expanded child tax credits ($3,600 per child under six, paid in $300 monthly installments and $3,000 per older child paid out $250 monthly) commence

  Effective January 1, 2021, Assembly Bill 1885 amended the homestead exemption under California Code of Civil Procedure 704.730 as follows (emphases added):  (a) The amount of the homestead exemption is the greater of the following: (1) The countywide median sale price for a single-family

  Debts or “claims” (as debts are referred to from a creditor’s perspective) can be classified in bankruptcy as either “consumer” or “non-consumer.” The distinction’s significant in terms of chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility as well as the level of scrutiny by the

Rx for Reefer No More. California hit a much publicized milestone with the passage of Proposition 64, which sanctions the recreational use of marijuana. Heretofore, legitimate purchases in the state were limited to prescription based consumption. State Legislation Affects Federal Bankruptcy Law  High Times. But how