The United States bankruptcy court filing fees (published here) are $338 for chapter 7 and $313 for chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing fees paid to this firm our held in trust and are refundable until paid to to the court. 

Mandatory debtor education costs vary by provider. For example, Abacus Credit Counseling (no relationship to this firm) presently charges $25 for credit counseling (required before filing bankruptcy) and $35 for the financial management class (after filing bankruptcy). 

My chapter 7 attorney fees are a flat rate that covers all basic requirements for comprehensive representation consistent with the bankruptcy court’s rules and responsibilities. Standard exceptions (clearly stated in a simple retainer and fee agreement) include reaffirmations, motions to avoid liens and adversarial procedures. Initial, detailed consultation is free. To retain our services, flat fees are as low as $1,500 for an individual who does not own a business or real property. I operate on a sliding scale and do my best to provide a competitive, affordable rate. I can begin preparation of your case for a $300 down payment. However, the balance of fees have to be paid in full before your case can be filed with the court. (We are not allowed to bill after the bankruptcy filing: debts to attorneys are discharged just like other debts.) If you decide to cancel your representation prior to filing, we would refund any unearned fees (and apply a reasonable, limited hourly rate for any work already performed). 

Fees provide for diligent, expert, attorney representation. Legal work is not performed by assistants or paralegals. There are no surprise fees. I want to help you and if I can–within the ethical requirements of bankruptcy law–I absolutely will.

Basic chapter 13 attorney fees are standardized by the court ($4,100 for a consumer case and $4,600 for a business case as described in the linked documents). If you need assistance or due to urgency, I can accept a reduced payment toward attorney fees in order to file the case. As opposed to chapter 7, a balance of chapter 13 attorney fees may be disbursed to your attorney after the case is filed (out of plan payments remitted to the trustee).

-Asaph Abrams